Indoor Lighting

© Min Chen Xuan, courtesy Spacemen
A lesson in melding retail and art, the experiential space—part retail, part art gallery—can display menswear one day, and then change it out completely to exhibit pop art, such as collectible Be@rbrick figurines, seen here, the very next day.

Lighting for the new retail experience

With the convenience and unparalleled product selection available online, companies are rethinking their approach to retail, seeking ways they can entice customers to visit their...
Electric Gobo, Axel Groß / © ERCO GmbH,
Rendering, ERCO Invia linear light in multiple use cases

How to design with linear light: Tips for supporting architecture and user needs

Linear light can delineate and boost an architectural design. Here are best practices for integrating linear light and light structures into your design, from ERCO Lighting field...
Joe Howard / courtesy of FUTURE Designs
London Centre, with new and retrofit LED lighting by FUTURE Designs
Indoor Lighting

FUTURE Designs repurposes fixture housings at London Centre into LED luminaires

The U.K.-based lighting designer and manufacturer, which installed the existing fluorescent lamps more than a decade ago, estimates the new system will reduce carbon emissions...
Marcela Schneider Ferreira, courtesy ERCO
The Domus Aurea, also known as the Golden House, was recently restored by Stefano Boeri Architetti.
Case Studies

Illuminating ancient spaces in Rome

Lighting underground ancient spaces presents unique challenges and opportunities, as evidenced by a recent restoration project by Stefano Boeri Architetti with lighting solutions...
Markus Gröteke ©Bocci / courtesy of Grüntuch Ernst Architekten
Staircase with Bocci light installation, Omer Arbel, at the Wilmina
Brandon Barré Photography
Skylight rooftop bar and restaurant, W Toronto hotel

Lighting that draws in guests to stay, relax, and return

Good design can turn a hotel visit from ephemeral to unforgettable.
Rinze van Brug
A historic townhouse is converted into an office environment with hints of residential design.

Historic New York townhouse to office conversion

Bluepoint Hospitality and GoodMart Lighting transform a 1903 townhome in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighborhood into spacious and unique work settings.
Jasper Sanidad / 544 Media
Next to the reception desk is a coffee shop with leather sofa seating. The bottle installation (foreground) and the bottle chandeliers were designed by the Mithun team and crafted by local maker Sarabi Studio.

Fewer desks, more light at Atlassian

The collaborative software company revamps its Austin, Texas, office with a hospitality-inspired design by Mithun.
Michael Mantese
The company café features decorative pendant lighting from E. Kraemer over the bar tables and Tech Lighting over the booths. Track lighting is recessed within the ceiling baffles.

Modernizing Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corp. offices

Natural light was key to EskewDumezRipple’s transformation of a Baton Rouge, La.–based nonprofit’s circa-1980 offices.
courtesy of Kenall Lighting
Indigo-Clean technology in use at Chelsea High School's weight room, in Michigan. Exercise facilities have been considered high-risk for transmission of harmful bacteria because of their enclosed environment, shared equipment, and close contact between users and staff. Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria, 405-nanometer lighting technology can be installed to provide continuous disinfection.

Visible light disinfection in school athletic facilities

Chelsea High School in Michigan successfully integrates 405-nanometer lighting for an enhanced cleaning protocol in its weight room.