Lighting that draws in guests to stay, relax, and return

May 16, 2023
Good design can turn a hotel visit from ephemeral to unforgettable.

In hospitality settings, lighting can transform a guest’s experience. Designers can paint light throughout the space using an array of product types on hand, including chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, wall art, screens, cove lights, and sculptural lights.

Lighting can help achieve design objectives while imparting a competitive edge to a venue. In multipurpose spaces, lobbies, or open plan areas, controls can quickly turn an intimate retreat into a vibrant hub for work or socializing.

Technologies and app-based platforms for personalizing guest stays are gaining in popularity among hotel brands, according to London-based lighting designer Paul Nulty. Guests can preset their lighting preferences before entering their room, and the apps will recall their preferences for future stays in other hotels by the same owner. Other hospitality design trends include:

  • Catering to the millennials. This tech-savvy generation relishes personalized interactions. If they love what they see, they will snap a photo or video for posting on social media. In particular, the lighting in dining areas should flatter the user and the space, and highlight the tabletop.
  • Sustainability. Hospitality professionals are promoting their sustainability practices in the materials they use, from nonhazardous cleaning brands to the locally grown produce served in their restaurants, and to the LED fixtures that reduce energy use.
  • Bold statement lighting. A lighting centerpiece can contribute to the signature impression of a space, like a bar or reception area.

Click below to learn in detail the lighting design of three recent hospitality projects:

This feature appeared in the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Architectural SSL.

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