© NBBJ / Connie Zhou
BlackRock exterior facade

Dynamic lighting shapes BlackRock’s office redesign

By integrating advanced lighting systems that adapt throughout the day, global investment firm BlackRock created a work environment that fosters collaboration, comfort and efficiency...
Gary Logan Photography / Quorum Architects Inc.
Grapevine Animal Shelter

Lighting design for a better pet-adoption experience

Thoughtful lighting for a new animal shelter and adoption center in Texas layers natural and electric light to uplift the spirits of all those who enter the facility.
Courtesy, Tonkin Liu
Outdoor Lighting

Manchester’s sustainable statement: the Tower of Light

The tower’s laser-cut exterior is colorfully illuminated to mark celebrations.
Commercial Photography so America
Outdoor Lighting

Boardwalk rises and shines again after devastating 10-day fire

A new playground and pedestrian bridge, well-lit by high performance LED fixtures, restores Westminster Pier Park to a community gathering, play and connection space.
Courtesy of Ely Cathedral

Lighting controls at Ely Cathedral

The new system will reveal more architectural detail while being less visually obtrusive.

Adding an Artistic Flair to Boston’s Logan Airport

Explore a transformative terminal renovation project, where innovative resin panels in 30+ custom colors and 150+ illuminated fixtures brought vibrancy and modernity to enhance...
© Jake Janisse/APL
Athletic Propulsion Labs, Los Angeles

Lighting two-dimensional and three-dimensional stores

Lighting designer Archit Jain makes interiors and products communicate online and in-store.
© Min Chen Xuan, courtesy Spacemen
A lesson in melding retail and art, the experiential space—part retail, part art gallery—can display menswear one day, and then change it out completely to exhibit pop art, such as collectible Be@rbrick figurines, seen here, the very next day.

Lighting for the new retail experience

With the convenience and unparalleled product selection available online, companies are rethinking their approach to retail, seeking ways they can entice customers to visit their...
© Jeff Goldberg/Esto
A curved mosaic feature wall is illuminated with LED PAR20 lamps in the children’s hospital lobby.

Illumination designed to delight and heal at a children's hospital

Simple metal and glass pendants compliment lobby areas, while handheld remotes allow children to select and change the color of the lighting in their rooms.