courtesy of BEAM, ltd.
BEAM, ltd., in Philadelphia. Co-founders Kirsten Kent Carangi (center) and Adam Carangi (rightmost) lead their eight-person studio alongside senior lighting designers Christina Spangler (front row, left) and Jeffrey Kahn (back row, right).

Designer Files: BEAM, ltd.

Architectural SSL’s newest department provides a detailed look at a leading or emerging individual or firm involved in the profession of architectural lighting. Our first profile...
Electric Gobo, Axel Groß / ©ERCO GmbH,
linear lighting rendering by ERCO
Courtesy of PureEdge Lighting
Courtesy of PureEdge Lighting

How dupes are affecting lighting designers

Cheaper imitations of designer lighting products might look like the originals, but the light quality doesn't match.
courtesy of PureEdge Lighting
Stratus LED Linear Wall Grazer, by PureEdge Lighting

Lighting design tips for residential, multifamily, and hospitality projects

Industry experts Chad Rothe, Monika Oberer, and Gregory Kay share design guidance and recommendations for high-end user experiences that promote well-being.
courtesy of Randy Burkett Lighting Design
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

An Illustrious Career in Illumination

Lighting designer Randy Burkett shares insights from some of his latest and greatest projects.
courtesy of HLB Lighting Design
Spurthy Yogananda

An emerging designer discovers the joys and challenges of architectural lighting

Spurthy Yogananda entered the University of Southern California intending to study architecture and sustainability, but an inspiring educator changed her path.
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Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education announces 2023 grant and award recipients

The annual program distributed $140,000 to eight educators and students in the lighting discipline.
Rinze van Brug
A historic townhouse is converted into an office environment with hints of residential design.

Historic New York townhouse to office conversion

Bluepoint Hospitality and GoodMart Lighting transform a 1903 townhome in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighborhood into spacious and unique work settings.
Jasper Sanidad / 544 Media
Next to the reception desk is a coffee shop with leather sofa seating. The bottle installation (foreground) and the bottle chandeliers were designed by the Mithun team and crafted by local maker Sarabi Studio.

Fewer desks, more light at Atlassian

The collaborative software company revamps its Austin, Texas, office with a hospitality-inspired design by Mithun.
Air Shape
Design and Manufacturing

Shape of the Wind

Air Shape pendants and wall lamps are fabricated by Taiwan-based industrial designer Jing- Cyuan Tang of Sunriu design studio.