Research and Development

Ryan Kurtz Photography / courtesy ZGF Architects
Roofscape, Critical Care Building, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Research and Development

Supporting infant health with new research in circadian lighting

At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, experts in architecture, medicine, and lighting developed a luminaire that provides circadian cues to preterm infants in the ...
courtesy of PureEdge Lighting
Tunable white technology enables the independent control of color temperature and light intensity within a given application. The color temperature of the light can change from warm to neutral to cool in appearance over time, based on the needs of the occupants or space.
Research and Development

Tunable white light and its benefits become more accessible

New technologies and products offer lighting designers, architects, and building owners customizable solutions to improve occupant productivity, health, and well-being.
Narrow spectrum green LED lighting offers an illumination solution that can remain on during an operating procedure without compromising a surgeon's view.

The advantages of green light in operating rooms

Enable surgeons and staff to keep overhead lights on, without compromising the view of the procedure on a monitor.