Product Innovation Award 2022 Recipients

Feb. 13, 2023
The 2022 Product Innovation Awards for Architectural SSL magazine showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry.

If this round-up of product talent teaches us anything, it’s that lighting and lighting components manufacturers have been busy creating solutions that will eliminate design constraints for bringing beautiful, stylish, and efficient light into indoor and outdoor spaces.

While the buzz of previous years has focused on increased levels of efficiency and improved light distribution, if this year had a theme, it might be best described as “LED light exactly the way you want it.”

The pages linked below profile product after product available in multiple mounting types, various shapes, and custom configurations. There are also more specialty form factors—cove lighting, wall grazers, indirect lighting, and vandal resistant, just to name a few. Another advancement—the form factors seem to do a better job of blending into the architecture of the building, offering big light from more inconspicuous luminaires.

Several of the PIA-winning products provide a look at the next evolution of linear lighting, which, it turns out, offers more than just long, uninterrupted runs of light. Thinner apertures, smaller profiles, curving lines, and better color rendering are just a few of the ways that this form factor is unlocking former design constraints.

Acoustics has also been well-represented this year with several product solutions bringing both light and sound management into a space.

As you peruse the PIA ’22 award winners, I hope you are both inspired and delighted by the many new things you can now do with illumination.

2022 PIA Recipients

To see Architectural SSL's 2022 PIA honorees, click the categories below: 


  • Mandar Bankhele, founder, Lighting Ergonomics
  • Vilma Barr, projects writer, Architectural SSL
  • Bernard Bauer, principal, Integrated Lighting Concepts
  • Jim Crockett, contributing editor, Architectural SSL
  • Darin Daguanno, architect and design principal, SmithGroup
  • Jon Fox, president, Fox & Fox Design
  • Jeffrey Kahn, project manager, The Lighting Practice
  • Kimberly Lombardozzi, materials specialist, Wight & Co.
  • John Mesenbrink, contributing editor, Architectural SSL
  • Steve Neimeister, senior principal, Tk1sc
  • Wendy Watts, principal, education design, Wight & Co.
  • Paula Ziegenbein, principal, Hartranft Lighting Design
  • Joshua Zinder, managing partner, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design

This article appeared in the November 2022 issue of
Architectural SSL magazine.

About the Author

Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts

Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts is managing editor of Architectural Products and former managing editor of Architectural SSL.


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