PIA 2022 honorees: Track, Indirect, and Industrial Lighting

Feb. 13, 2023
See Architectural SSL's 2022 Product Innovation Award recipients in the categories of track, indirect, and industrial lighting.

Architectural SSL's Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry. Here are the 2022 honorees in the indirect, track, and industrial lighting categories. See the list of jurors here.

Category: Track and Indirect Lighting

Juno Trac T286L Flat Back Cylinder, Acuity Brands

This precision optical system produces uniform spot, narrow flood, or flood distributions. The stylish, high quality track head lighting system offers a rated life of 50,000 hours. In integrating the driver with the cylinder, the result is an attractive, up-scale design.

Juror comments: “Because of the integral driver with the cylinder, this track head has a refined aesthetic.” “A striation-free uniform beam is a distinguishing quality of this luminaire.”

Seem 1 Louver, Focal Point

Seem 1 louver was engineered as a flexible system that allows specifiers to combine louvered cells, lensed illumination, and unlit faceplates in multiple configurations, many of which are pre-designed. The Seem 1 louver delivers a high output for both task and ambient lighting thanks to its batwing lens. An asymmetric indirect light distribution offers the versatility to light spaces with comfortable light reflecting from the ceiling. The narrow flood optic achieves an 18-degree spot while the louver mixing chamber achieves a 68-degree-wide spread. It’s available in black specular, matte black, clear diffuse, clear specular, and matte white.

Juror comment: “This definitely works for offices. However, I would consider the Seem 1 louver for hospitality, retail and similar application as well.” 

Category: Industrial

Vela Series, Meteor Lighting

Vela 4 and 5 cylinders feature a transformative look with either a sleek, contemporary cylinder for modern interiors or by pairing them with aluminum and polycarbonate shrouds for an industrial low bay design. This flexible construct, along with a wide lumen package range of 1,300 lm to 5,000 lm, standard dim to black compatibility, flicker-free dimming, and four beam spread options, make this a popular fixture in the design community.

Juror comment: “Love it. It’s great to be able to stick with a workhorse fixture yet have the flexibility to change appearance in different spaces.”

Hollowcore, Luminis

Bringing a new dimension to the classic high bay shape with modern lines, clean aesthetic, and open core, Hollowcore is suitable for traditional high bay applications and contemporary spaces. The architectural pendant is available in a 19" or 30" diameter, ideal for larger spaces. The lens version of the luminaire delivers up to 22,500 lm of uniform downlight. An optional independently controlled uplight component is also available.

Juror comment: “Very attractive option for applications requiring high performance and aesthetics.”

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This article appeared in the November 2022 issue of Architectural SSL magazine.

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Product Innovation Awards

Product Innovation Award 2022 Recipients

Feb. 13, 2023
The 2022 Product Innovation Awards for Architectural SSL magazine showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry.