PIA 2022 honorees: Decorative and Pendant Lighting

Feb. 13, 2023
See Architectural SSL's 2022 Product Innovation Award recipients in the decorative/pendant category.

Architectural SSL's Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry. Here are the 2022 honorees in the decorative/pendant category. See the list of jurors here.

Berri, Eureka Lighting

A twist on the classic ball and tube design, Berri is available in more than 35 configurations. The luminaires may be configured with two to 12 spheres each. Luminaires scale from 36" to 120" and in multiple forms, including angular, linear horizontal, linear vertical, hexagonal, square, and rectangle. Designers can select regular output (682 delivered lm) or high output (1,160 delivered lm) for each sphere. With a unique loop gripper, these shapes can be installed at angles up to 60 degrees.

Juror comment: “Berri offers versatility in configurations, and ease of installation. High marks for flexible design.”

Relay, A-Light

Embracing the geometry of a hexagon, this pendant lighting system features highly reflective, super-thin parabolic reflectors that run the length of the fixture and continue through the corners to provide soft, glare-free illumination. Architects can select varying lengths with 90- or 120-degree rounded corners to create a variety of patterns.

Juror comment: “This is wonderful design that takes the simple hexagon light and tweaks it with subtle angles and curves. I like the way the light can be used in many ways.”

High Performance 2" Aperture Circle Collection, Finelite

Expanding on its award-winning HP-2 Linear product line, the High Performance 2" Aperture Circle Collection adds creative flexibility beyond traditional linear lines of light. It is also designed with the environment and occupant in mind, as it is the only circle LED luminaire to be enrolled in the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Declare 2.0 Program and is third-party verified with options achieving Red List Approved and Declared status. It also features a single- piece seamless downlight diffuser that provides an uninterrupted and clean aesthetic.

Juror comment: “This is a solid design, fine for educational purposes, in learning, library or public spaces.”

Shaper PrentaLux Pendant Collection, Cooper Lighting Solutions

Leveraging 3D printing technology, this collection offers 16 lamp-based products for hospitality and four integral LED products for performance-based decorative lighting. Made with FDM printers using proprietary Cooper filaments and software, product manufacturing is expedited. Products range from 8" to 12" tall and come in CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.

Juror comment: “Using 3D printing allows the designer many more options and variation with respect to design and finishes. Also, allows for quicker manufacturing results.”

Henri, Eureka Lighting

With its mix of curved lines and hard edges, Henri pendants—available in 11" and 17" diameters and in a black or white finish—can be utilized in various ways to accentuate modern work or hospitality environments. Individual pendants can illuminate an informal meeting space or serve as a centerpiece above dining room tables or reception seating. Designers can also group fixtures in linear or organic arrays to create a unique effect in high-volume spaces.

Juror comment: “The manufacturer noting its ‘bold design element,’ is quite accurate. It makes a statement that can upgrade a less sophisticated surrounding.”

Caldera, Eureka Lighting

Housed in a minimal, contemporary ring, Caldera’s invisible light source creates a diffused glow, and the luminaires, offered in 28" or 46" diameters in black or white, can be mounted in suspension, wall, or ceiling-surface styles. For additional impact, surface applications can be selected with a flush-mount, so there is no visible junction box plate. With its thin 2.7" profile, ceiling and wall-mounted versions are appropriate for tighter spaces or low ceilings.

Juror comment: “Sleek, minimalist design; the family of product options is interesting.”

Line, Fluxwerx

Delivering a new path to deviate from a linear form, Line offers finishes, options, and interfaces allowing flexibility to achieve design vision. Minimalist and miniscule at only 3" tall, and less than a finger-width wide, the suspended linear system that delivers comfortable area illumination from a narrow 0.5" aperture in 2', 3', 4', 6', and 8' lengths. On the sustainability front, flexible, made-to-order, local sourcing of parts and materials to its factory reduces the waste of large volumes of preordered overseas parts.

Juror comment: “This sustainable product can contribute to green standards like WELL certification.”

Billie offers a large visual presence with an attractive rounded conical shape. The unexpectedly hollow interior of the spun aluminum shade entices those who see it to wonder about the source of its illumination. The internal geometry of the luminaire, including the top radius, is optimized to improve the light spread inside the shape. A return around the bottom edge acts as a reflector, casting shadow-free light evenly onto the curved interior surface, creating comfortable illumination below, regardless of mounting height. Available in diameters of 24", 36", or 48", it offers a decorative option in many different types of space.

Juror comment: “As a designer I would focus on its use in meeting rooms, conference areas, lounges, and hospitality or retail applications, as this fixture is attractive and offers a lot of colors/ finishes as well as illumination options.”

LightShape, ALW (Architectural Lighting Works)

Preconfigured rectangular and hexagonal shapes up to 7' wide allow architects to create a variety of designs. Providing direct or indirect light suspended from a single suspension point, the luminaires are available with standard CCT of 2700K to 4000K with a 90+ CRI for high performance white light or RGB/RGBW with customizable lumen packages from 3,600 lm to 27,000 lm.

Juror comment: “The reconfiguration of an existing concept to a highly attractive multi-tier fixture is a great way to keep family consistencies throughout spaces.”

Ziggy LED Pendant System, Designplan Lighting

Crafted as a geometric or linear shape with adjustable sections and connectors, this pendant emits an indirect linear spread from the top while the direct emission emerging from the bottom is diffused at 1850 lm. With no visible canopy, the power is contained in the airport cable suspension lines.

Juror comment: “This is a handsome architectural fixture. It has the visual appeal to be a major component of the space’s effect on the user or visitor.”

Tangent Shapes, VoksLyte

VoksLyte factory curves the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius—or any straight or bent shape—and illuminates the contour from within with the highest quality tightly binned LEDs. These customizable luminaires are sectionalized and join perfectly to form any seamless circular, curved, elliptical, racetrack, intersecting, free-form, serpentine, rectilinear or curvilinear architectural illumination: like drawing with light and metal.

Juror comment: “Creative ability to adjust within individual spaces is a nice opportunity to adapt to custom environments.”

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