PIA 2022 honorees: Exterior Lighting

Feb. 13, 2023
See Architectural SSL's 2022 Product Innovation Award recipients in the exterior lighting category.

Architectural SSL's Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry. Here are the 2022 honorees in the exterior lighting category. See the list of jurors here.

Scena, Luminis

Scena is a family of exterior wall and ceiling-surface mount fixtures and bollards that accentuate while withstanding the rigors of urban and public spaces. Crisp lines and elegant surface details are captured in a round and square shape. Available in widths of 8.5" and 11" with a diffused or direct light engine. The fully diffused models feature a lightly textured glass face that protects a regressed high efficiency light engine resulting in perfectly Lambertian illumination.

Juror comment: “The form factor is similar to other products on the market, but the completeness of the family offers a means for aesthetic harmony.”

Esterno Arpione, Allegri Crystal by Kalco Lighting

Featuring the beauty of crystal, these outdoor wall sconces in a matte black frame combine Firenze crystal and advanced LED technology. New innovations and advancements in a fluorocarbon finish grade and UV-resistant technology enable the sconce to withstand coastal, hot, and humid environments, making it suitable for modern outdoor design.

Juror comment: “The gorgeous fixtures showcase the beauty of crystal as upscale outdoor sconces.”

Bellevue, Luminis

This family of luminaires meets practically all exterior lighting needs while discreetly blending into the urban architectural landscape. The bollards, wall mount, and street and area product mix demonstrate full project versatility. All versions are available in static white color temperatures with a 70 or 80 CRI and true amber for marine wildlife applications. Both column and bollard can have multiple heads, allowing precise light placement within a single luminaire.

Trident Linear Profile, Senso by Luminii

Trident is an IP68- and IK10-rated linear LED profile that illuminates a wide range of interior and exterior applications directly exposed to dust, dew, water, and snow. Located at the top of the IP rating scale, it is dust-tight and secured against continuous water submersion at depths of up to 3m, making it ideal for applications at risk of prolonged water exposure. Highly modular, versatile and easy to install, it enables full transformations of patios, pool decks, exterior walkways, spas, bathrooms, countertops and other spaces requiring wet-rated lighting.

Juror comment: “Great option for recessed in-grade that is rated to deal with water intrusion.”

SAF1 and SAF28, Hydrel

A versatile family of floodlights, SAF fixtures are a complete line of non-linear floodlights that illuminate more with less. With its narrow beam and precision lighting, the SAF1 and SAF28 fixtures accentuate unique patterns, facades, and landmarks, while harmonizing exterior spaces according to architectural lighting design needs. The compact luminaire offers 6- to 70-degree high-output distribution, 1,500 delivered lm, and significant water ingress protection for floodlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, grazing, and wall washing. SAF1’s multi-head mount option can be configured horizontally or vertically with two to four fixtures.

Dart Round, Targetti

The new Dart Round incorporates the best characteristics from the original Dart range—flexibility and robustness—within a cylindrical form. The soft lines and simple shapes can adapt to any application. This floodlight projector can illuminate objects both far and near, all while maintaining visual comfort.

Juror comment: “Clean shape, mixed with high performance makes this an easy fixture to incorporate into architecture and existing aesthetics.”

Monospot Mini, Meyer by Electrix

Monospot Mini features very small dimensions with a minimalist design, and it can be discreetly integrated into architecture. With the extreme narrow beam optics, high intensity illumination can be achieved despite the low-energy consumption. Available in 3000K or 4000K at 80+ CRI and several beam shapes.

Juror comment: “With a small footprint, the Monospot Mini packs a punch.”

Jupiter, Griven

A medium-sized outdoor floodlight solution for illuminating or accenting architectural elements, Jupiter is available in RGBW, dynamic white, or static white with discrete LEDs; or RGBW or dynamic white with quad-chip LEDs. The luminaire housing is heavy cast aluminum with a steel mounting yoke and offers distributions from narrow spot to wide beam. All models feature DMX with remote device management (RDM) as standard. On-board controls also allow for stand-alone operation without DMX controls when using the optional infrared remote to program fixtures for simple color sequencing or static displays of color.

Bishop Bollard, Hess

A low-level outdoor lighting solution for pathways and sidewalks with long and narrow geometries, the bollard is available in 36" and 43" heights to meet scale requirements of the application, as well as to extend luminaire spacing when using the taller model. The white light LED engine with specialized optics comes in 3000K or 4000K with CRI exceeding 80, as well as true amber for environmentally sensitive areas limiting wavelengths to 560 nanometers or above. The bollard shaft is of welded construction and fabricated from T6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Juror comment: “This could be a good solution for retrofits; adjustments are simple; it’s modern; it would be a nice addition to a courtyard or entryway.”

SolarSync Outdoor Daylight and Color Temperature Sensor (GLS-LCCT), Crestron Electronics

With its ability to measure true color temperature and intensity of natural sunlight, this sensor supports the regulation of indoor lighting to match the actual natural sunlight outdoors. Installed on a building’s rooftop, the sensor measures the exact CCT and illuminance (lux) of the natural daylight. The control system then adjusts the indoor RGB lighting fixtures to simulate the effect of being outdoors.

Juror comments: “A building product that simplifies the process for matching electric illumination with natural lighting is very much welcome. Also, being in application already, makes it more appealing as a viable controls solution.”

“Getting daylight right is no easy task. New tech that simplifies the process and allows matching of true exterior conditions to promote wellness is mighty fine in my book.”

LumiShape, Targetti

LumiShape is a family of light control optical accessories that enable specifiers to shape the distribution of light. The laser-cut light shields can be stacked up to four pieces per fixture. Offered in six shapes—half circle, quarter circle, square, pinhole square, pinhole, and pinhole regular—this new lighting solution gives designers the tools for more customized aiming.

Juror comment: “I like the multiple head light pole option—a means to not only better protect against unwanted nighttime light, but, obviously, better options for more customized aiming.”

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