PIA 2022 honorees: Applications, Acoustics, and Components

Feb. 13, 2023
See Architectural SSL's 2022 Product Innovation Award recipients in the applications, acoustics, and components categories.

Architectural SSL's Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) showcase the latest and greatest advancements in the lighting industry. Here are the 2022 honorees in the categories of product application, acoustics, and components and light sources. See the list of jurors here.

Category: Application

Stencil SoftZone, Axis Lighting

Tasked with creating a more intimate space within a large, big-box interior, Bold Design selected Axis’ Stencil SoftZone in a hexagon shape for the entrance of Evolve Strength Seton’s gym and health facility in Calgary, Alberta. Incorporating the colors of Evolve Strength’s brand, a 41'-by-46' system over the reception and welcome area, and the café and lounge space, the acoustic lighting system also serves as wayfinding strategy directing guests into the facility. The hexagon shape was specifically chosen for its organic structure and abstract representation of DNA strands, complementing the wellness and health center theme.

Juror comment: “What a perfect application of the product in a super-creative way that immediately communicates the visceral nature of the facility.”

Category: Acoustics

Mora, Focal Point

An innovative, integrated acoustic ceiling/lighting system, Mora allows specifiers to create exceptional ceiling arrays that enhance interior architecture and increase acoustic and visual comfort. Available with over two dozen eco-friendly PET colors, Mora leverages the light engine and acoustic performance of its Seem 1 Acoustic fixtures, and the simplicity of its TruBlade unlit baffle, delivering cohesive, statement-making arrays that can transform interiors.

Juror comment: “The integration with decorative acoustic ceilings is well thought out and a clean way to specify fixtures.”

Absorb I, A-Light

Featuring an elegant, flanged design, this suspended luminaire doubles as an acoustic panel and delivers direct and indirect illumination in a reduced-glare, slim profile. Available in tunable white light and 30 other colors, the luminaire is covered with sculpted acoustic felt panels to help absorb sound.

Juror comment: “Two for one: lighting and sound absorption.”

Serene, Architectural Lighting Works

12mm-thick acoustical fins covering a 6" aperture cylinder downlight enable this pendant to offer an impressive 0.85 NRC rating with the application of up to 70 square feet of acoustical material. Available in five different shapes, the light provides high efficiency 147 lm/W light with outputs from 500 to 6,000 lm.

Juror comment: “Acoustics and style in a form meets function package.”

Seem 2 Acoustic, Focal Point

An integrated, acoustic ceiling and lighting system, this eco-friendly baffle solution features a 2.5" aperture (3.24" overall). Its PET felt material contains up to 50% post-consumer recycled content, is Declare certified, and Living Building Challenge Red List Free. It can also be combined with other fixtures to create integrated systems that satisfy lighting, noise control, aesthetic, and budget requirements.

Juror comment: “High marks for uniqueness. There are other products on the market that look similar, but don’t offer the flexibility and range of options offered.”

Category: Components & Light Sources

ILB CP10 HE AELR Emergency Driver, Iota, an Acuity Brand

The IOTA ILB CP10 HE AELR Emergency Driver provides specification-level emergency lighting for Class 2 luminaire designs. Its STAR (Self Testing Automated Reporting) app, wireless reporting makes Life Safety Code compliance easier than ever by using the power of wireless connectivity to solve many challenges common to meeting emergency lighting testing requirements and compliance with annual NFPA Life Safety code requirements.

Juror comment: “The real innovation of this product is that when it comes to identifying problems, it eliminates the inconvenience of needing to access the luminaire for testing, or for drawing data for periodic reports. In that regard, this product solves a critical problem of ensuring the emergency luminaires are in operational condition.”

Luxeon 7070, Lumileds

Luxeon 7070 introduces a new level of power and efficacy in a small, surface-mount package that is an alternative to the typical lead-frame and ceramic high-power LED format. With the ability to emit up to 2000 lm, it delivers three times the output of a typical 5050 LED. This reduces the number of LEDs required and can reduce the cost of optics, PCBs, and assembly.

With L90 > 100,000 hours and Lumileds proprietary coating, Luxeon 7070 provides corrosion resistance in punishing environments. This multi-die, high power package provides high luminance from a super robust package to enable cost-effective, single optic, and directional fixture designs.

Juror comment: “The product’s advanced design captures performance efficiencies with great lighting output at a lower cost.” 

AmpChamp LED Terminal Tape Light Connectors, Alloy LED

Solving the problem of LED connections slipping and loosening over time, the AmpChamp LED tape light and wire connectors provide secure connections between LED tape light sections, between tape light and wire, or between pairs of wire leads. The corner connector is ideal for toe kicks, coves and other installations with tight curves. Further, the up/down connector’s unique design allows the lead wires to be connected to the top or bottom of a tape light.

Juror comment: “Provides a higher degree of security and reliability to LED tape light installations. Has an excellent low profile and flexibility.”

PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet, Alloy LED

Packing a punch, the high-density LED chips contained in a PrimaPanel LED sheet deliver high CRIs exceeding 95 (3000K–5000K) and 89 (6500K). Capable of dimming down to 0.1%, the product is suitable for displays, walls and counters, and applications in hotels, casinos, retail stores, and corporate offices.

Juror comment: “The alloy panel that can be cut on an angle adds a new dimension to back lighting interior products.”

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This article appeared in the November 2022 issue of Architectural SSL magazine.

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