Eye-catching products at LEDucation 2024 and more

April 3, 2024
Striking form factors and function-focused fixtures are among these new releases.

By LightSPEC Editorial Staff

Myriad lighting manufacturers debuted new architectural lighting at LEDucation 2024 in New York, and countless others showcased new iterations of successful designs, control technology and software solutions. These lighting products caught our attention in our inboxes or at LEDucation.


3D-printed modern, decorative pendant

Launching in April, Riverstone by Lightolier can be hung individually or in a group to create an eye-catching design. The outer shade of the 3D-printed, lamp-based pendant is made from 50% recycled water jug material while the inner shades are made from more than 55% ISCC Plus-certified bio-circular materials. Its light aqua hue calls to mind the gentle waters evoked in its name, and its three layers of diffusion create a captivating, floating glow. Riverside is 18” wide at its widest, asymmetrical point and 8.25” in height.

Signify, signify.com


Pendants create a playful chandelier

Multiple glass pendants connected to a central canopy create Random Cloud, a cluster of 7, 14, 19 or 23 lights suspended on variously cut cable lengths. Offered in seven color schemes and two sphere sizes, the pendants can be infinitely combined to create unique lighting compositions. A 2700K, 3W LED hidden module rests in a silicon housing at the top of each sphere to illuminate each pendant evenly. Conceived by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Cloud is equally at home in residential, hospitality and workspaces.

Lodes, lodes.com


Soft curves highlight a linear luminaire

The Sorrel family includes Up, where most light is cast upwards for indirect lighting; Down, where most light is cast downward for task lighting, and Neutral, where the light output is balanced between upward and downward illumination. The linear parallel lines and soft curves are designed to evoke openness with a clean, minimal profile.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting, pinnacle-ltg.com


Mud-in recessed linear lighting

As a recessed, mud-in linear lighting system, Perifina creates a subtle, wall-floating illusion that limits design only by what you can imagine. The luminaire is powered by a Nano-Linear light engine and can be ordered in several outputs and color temperatures. Other features include a high color rendering index and high TM-30 values. Compatible with Lutron, Avi-on, Control4, Casambi, Crestron and Savant lighting controls, Perifina be used to create stunning effects.

Optique Lighting, optique-lighting.com


Curvilinear luminaire creates sweeping lines of light

Seem Sweep 2 is offered in multiple radii and angles to allow users to specify a bespoke curvilinear luminaire perfectly shaped to the space. Sweeping curves can transition to straight lines, S shapes, ellipses or hairpin turns to enhance interior spaces. Rounded corners, soft shapes and flowing lines can be created with flat or rounded end caps. Suspended or surface-mount installation methods and Lambertian direct and indirect or batwing indirect light distributions provide countless design possibilities.

Focal Point Lights, focalpointlights.com


Open-center linear pendant

With a semi-direct light distribution, Aira by Litecontrol has an open center that allows viewers to see through the center of the luminaire. The design evokes a sense of scale without weight overhead, according to the maker. Complementary luminous connectors in L, T and X shapes allow custom patterns that create unique visual framing. Integrated driver battery and control options are intended to ease installation.

Current Lighting, currentlighting.com


Linear lighting utilizes channel system mounting for flexibility

Protocol-agnostic, Konstrukt technology utilizes field-cuttable channels that allow users to create scalable, customizable luminaire configurations. The Konstrukt lighting elements operate autonomously or in groups. The modular lighting, control and power system can be used in linear and recessed-grid ceiling applications.

WAC Lighting, waclighting.com


Flexible, repositionable lighting mounts on power-distribution grid

The Multiverse low voltage power-distribution system transmits power through a 0.28” (7mm) low profile trim. Once a space is “gridded” with the ribbon, spotlights, linear LED add-ons and decorative lighting can be snapped on and repositioned as needed. The product line includes linear ambient, suspended, spotlight cylinder and thin suspension luminaires to create spaces limited only by the user’s aesthetic.

Juniper, juniperdesign.com


Contemporary columns and bollards create inviting streetscapes

Suited for modern and classic architecture, the Axim Series provides human-scale pedestrian lighting for parks, pathways, entries, plazas and walkways. The round columns are supplied in two diameters and height ranges from 3 to 16 feet. The series is available in standard 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, and all have a minimum of 70 CRI. Features include stainless steel hardware and optional impact-resistant, UV-stable acrylic lensing.

U.S. Architectural Lighting, usaltg.com


Drive-over fixture designed for recessed façade and tree-lighting applications

A rugged, all-weather luminaire, Terra Drum is designed to withstand vehicle traffic. With a drive-over rating of 6,000 pounds, the fixture includes a position adjustment to fine-tune the beam position once the fixture is in place. The recessed façade and tree-lighting luminaire is offered in 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Dynamic White (2700K to 6000K), Quad Spectrum (RGBW, W is 3000K), Quad White 4000K and Quad White 6000K.

Acclaim Lighting, acclaimlighting.com


Acoustic pendants can be used alone or in groups

Offered in three heights and 77 wool colors, Stalik was inspired by ancient mineral structures found on the ceilings of caves. Whether used as lit acoustic pendants or unlit acoustic baffles, the fixtures are supplied with 9 feet of black or white power cable and canopy. Features include glare cutoff at 50° with a unified glare rating of less than 15, and a L70 lifetime rating of 50,000 hours.

Luxxbox, luxxbox.com


A mix of materials creates a playful luminaire

Created in collaboration with Little Wing Lee, founder and creative director of the interior design firm Studio & Projects, Copia incorporates a layered design that pairs a casted glass surround with a silicon inner diffuser. Designed to inspire joy and add a sense of playfulness to interior spaces, Copia is offered as a sconce or flush mount.

RBW, rbw.com

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