Burj Khalifa facade transformed by lighting in Dubai, earns 2019 PIA

Sept. 24, 2020
Lighting designer SACO created a high resolution video display for the facade of the tallest building in the world.

PIA Award Winner : Most Impactful Use of SSL, 2019

SACO created the tallest media façade on the planet at Burj Khalifa in Dubai using its innovative V-Stick technology. Emaar Properties Dubai, the premiere real estate developer in the UAE, and owner/operator of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, created an initiative to light up the east façade of the iconic tower and give it high resolution video capability across the entire height of the tower. 

Emaar tasked SACO to design and create a system that would seamlessly integrate within the architecture of the building. Burj Khalifa has a very interesting geometry, and viewing angles needed to be carefully calculated to provide the best view from around the building, but at the same time needed to not be disruptive to the residents and hotel guests of the building. In order to address this challenge, SACO designed six different carrier angles for its V-Stick. The LED screen running down the east side of the tower extends over 28 km of SACO V-Sticks that emit 1,139,144 RGB pixels all the way up to 770 meters of the 828-meter structure. 

This project is part of three Guinness World Records, including largest laser light and sound show on a single building (Burj Khalifa Dubai 2018), largest LED-illuminated façade (Burj Khalifa Dubai 2019) and tallest LED-illuminated facade (Burj Khalifa Dubai 2019). 

Judges' Comments:  “Wow. This project may open a new door as to how architects, owners and lighting designers contemplate the illumination of building exteriors. The uninterruted lines of light are impressive.”

More information > Shockwave Video Lighting by SACO

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