Setting the Stage for Warmth and Wellness

June 15, 2021

CHALLENGE: Residents of Winter Park, Florida, need to see healthcare professionals, as well as exercise, swim, eat and socialize in an environment that promotes both safety and warmth.

INFLUENCE: Wellness, fitness and medicine are all under one roof at Duda|Paine Architects’ Center for Health & Wellbeing. The firm wanted the lighting to work well with the chosen materials, and have input on how lighting would accentuate each space. Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBB) was commissioned for the project. One of their desires centered around families of lighting that could easily be mixed and matched.  

SOLUTION: CBB turned to Gotham, and EVO and Incito lines of recessed luminaires for general illumination and accent lighting in the atrium, reception area, fitness center, multi-purpose rooms, corridors and stairwells, and swimming pool. “With comparable aperture sizing between the lines and consistent reflector finishes, you can install an EVO downlight next to an Incito accent. And from below, they look the same, creating a very quiet ceiling,” said Francesca Bettridge. 

Added Sang Yup Lee, senior associate at CBB, the lines use the same LED modules, so the light output and colors are consistent. “This contributes to the elegance of the design and enables us to meet the aesthetic demands of the space.”

An atrium known as the commons is the centerpiece of the space. The second floor features a popular walking track and lounge space that partially overhangs the main floor. EVO 4-in. downlights are recessed in the overhang to illuminate walkways below as visitors navigate the facility. Incito 4-in. accent lighting is also strategically placed along the main floor’s perimeter ceiling.

In the Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen, EVO 4-in. wall washers and corner wall washers highlight the unusual combination of wood, painted upper walls and subway tiles. The warm 3000K lighting, mounted primarily over the counter and food preparation area, supplement pendants.

“Constellation” themed lighting in the natatorium was inspired by a series of circular skylights above pools. Using wide beam Incito 2-in. downlights and EVO 4-in. and 6-in. downlights in random patterns helped represent planets and stars. The fixtures are nanotorium rated and available in three different sizes.

CBB, noted Lee, also worked with Gotham to create a solution so the LED drivers could be stored in a room nearby. “This gives the center’s team exceptional flexibility for cost-effective maintenance. They can address most concerns without first having to drain the pool.”

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