8 versatile lighting products from LEDucation 2023 and more

March 14, 2023
These innovative and customizable solutions recently caught our eyes.

These multipurpose, adaptable, and recently released lighting products caught our attention in our inboxes or at LEDucation 2023.

BuzziShield Light, BuzziSpace

With dimmable LEDs tucked inside an upholstered core, the linear BuzziShield Light fixture combines the acoustic capabilities of its voluminous body with functional light, making it suitable for workspaces. Its classic stitch detailing offers a clean and refined look, while its range of colors and finishes suit different environments. Offered in medium and large sizes, and in 20cm, 40cm, and 60cm heights. With 3000K sources and a CRI of 90.

Aether Atomic, WAC Lighting

These diminutive, recessed LED luminaires can deliver 1000-plus lumens from small, yet serviceable 0.5" and 1" apertures, according to WAC. Their shallow housing fits in tight plenum spaces while its LED light engines can be replaced without disturbing the ceiling. The 1" downlight includes three field-changeable reflectors and comes in a black, gold, haze, or white finish. The ½" pinhole downlight has a lower lumen output and includes two field-changeable reflectors; it comes in a black or white finish. Constructed with an aluminum housing and stainless-steel spackle frames, the dimmable, 11-watt luminaires offer CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.

Almendra, Flos

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Flos, the Almendra (“almond” in Spanish”) suspended lighting system derives its form from the opening of seed to release its fruit, Urquiola said in a company press release. A module consists of two fins, mimicking two half-shells of an open almond, that attach to a linear or curved branch with an LED source positioned at the central pin. Different configurations included three, four, or six lights facing upward or downward. The polycarbonate used in each module is sourced from pine oil, a byproduct of paper production that escapes naturally when extracted from wood. The aluminum shaft is recyclable. With an 2700K LED and CRI of 95, and various colors inspired from almond trees.

Flauta, Flos

Also designed by Urquiola for Flos, the Flauta indoor and outdoor fixture draws its form from the shapes of organs and flutes. A delicate circular reflector at one end gathers and directs the emitted light. Its cylindrical body comes in 225mm, 500mm, and 1,000mm lengths and in two relief textures, striped and herringbone. Available in multiple colors and with two 12-watt, 600-lumen, 2700K LED sources with a CRI of 95.

Adaptive Phase Control Dimmer (PCD), nLight

Compatible with both wired and wireless (shown) nLight applications, the PCD aims to simplify the process of designing, installing, and controlling decorative lighting. It supports load types ranging from 0A to a full circuit at 16A and automatically detects and supports various phase control dimming types, including forward phase, reverse phase, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage. The PCD’s built-in emergency options make it easy to comply with UL 924 requirements and avoid the need for separate emergency devices.

AIR rPOD Micro, nLight

This minimalist wall switch is designed to blend in with modern, sophisticated environments while providing convenient lighting control. Its slim profile and small size allow for direct wall surface mounting. Available as a WallPod or Remote switch for wireless applications, the rPOD Micro can suit a range of applications, including office areas, commercial indoor spaces, health care facilities, and higher education buildings.

Cono, Luxxbox

A black finial tops these conical pendants, made from a thermo-formed PET shell wrapped on the interior and exterior with noise-dampening wool, in more than 50 different finishes. Suitable for commercial interior spaces, such as reception, retail, and hospitality areas, Cono offers two integrated LED options—ambient lighting with a glass diffuser or task lighting with a high-output light—and two size options: 652mm high with a 500mm diameter, or 528mm high with a 400mm diameter.

Multiverse, Juniper

This customizable and adaptable low-voltage power distribution and track lighting system can be installed on nearly any flat surface and custom-painted on-site to match. Combine pivot elements and connector nodes to create striking visual motifs spanning up to 150 linear feet on a single power supply. With its low-profile, ribbonlike profile, the magnetic system can navigate different elevation planes and turn corners. It connects up to 16 miniature spot modules, which can be rotated or repositioned anywhere along its length or flipped 180 degrees for an independent dimming capability on a second circuit. Multiverse can mount most Juniper products via magnetic adapters without needing to run internal wiring. Manufactured in the U.S.

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