Smart landscaping lighting system offers myriad color options

May 13, 2024
Full-color gamut LED arrays allow users to highlight architectural features, enhance foliage colors and increase visibility for security in outdoor spaces.

Engineered to illuminate landscapes with tunable white and an extensive color palette, Colorcaping by WAC can be used to tailor landscape lighting to create moody, emotive outdoor spaces. Full-color gamut LEDs can be used to modify the intensity of specific wavelengths within the white light to enhance foliage appearance, says the manufacturer. Adjustable accent, wall wash, path lights, hardscape, and tape lights can be paired with existing landscape lighting fixtures.

Offering color temperatures from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K, Colorscaping uses RGBWW (red, green, blue, warm white) technology. The tunable fixtures allow the user to create scenes using light layering, color temperature and light intensity. Ground-level luminaires can be used to highlight flower gardens and outdoor structures while architectural elements can be lit with strategically placed fixtures to create silhouetted views.

New fixtures can be added to lightscape using the company’s Smart Transformer, which automatically connects the fixture to the network and cycles through lighting options such as preset tunable white and primary colors. The lighting also can be integrated with other control platforms to allow app-based control. The company’s MyWAC app enables control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart home devices, controlling individual luminaires or lighting scenes via voice. Also, an interior control interface can be added that offers shortcuts for preconfigured scenes and dimming.

The Colorscaping line also can achieve DMX control via an ABiCUS gateway.

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