Cutting-Edge Optics

May 18, 2021

Markline 101 and Markcove 102 feature a small eldoLED driver specifically designed for the luminaires’ 1.5-in aperture. Available with multiple mounting options including cable-suspended, adjustable center axis, adjustable side hinge, and fixed, the fixtures are suitable for illuminating small spaces, as well as curved vertical surfaces and circular coves. The fixtures contain a multi-diode chip that enhances the blending of light and eliminates color separation, resulting in better near-field blending compared to other linear accent and cove lighting solutions. The products also offer seven precise distribution options ranging from 9°x9° to asymmetric wall wash. Both fixtures are available in dynamic color, tunable white and warm dimming dynamic luminous types, along with static color and static white. Lumen packages range from 250 to 1000 lumens per foot, and accessories such as a glare shield, baffles, and frosted, clear, or partially frosted lens options ensure visual comfort.  

Housings for Markline 101 are available in 1 ft. and 4 ft. lengths. Markcove 102 fixtures are available in 1 ft., 1.5 ft., and 4 ft. lengths. The Markcove 102 1.5-ft. fixture can be used to create 6-in. increments. 

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