Dec. 9, 2021
PIA Award Winner : Luminaires / Exterior, 2021

Striking pieces of industrial design by day, and night, this innovative seating and lighting system offers enchanting and ethereal pieces of luminescent art. The area luminaires and bollards envelope the visitor—both from above and below—in an immersive experience. Sculptural elements play in both vertical and horizontal planes, incorporating both light and shadow, to draw the eyes skyward then back to the earth with signature design features. Typology stick lights break from lighting tradition such that the pole itself is one solid source of light. These vertical columns of warm white light stake claim to the site, creating prominent visual landmarks. Arranged side-by-side, stick lights can divide and punctuate spaces or virtual rooms of light.

Judges’ Comments: “The aesthetic qualities of these pole luminaires are refreshingly appealing and uniquely positioned as compared to other products generally seen in this category.”

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