Dec. 13, 2021
PIA Award Winner : Track / Downlights, 2021

This field-configurable, micro-linear product family is available in both track and downlight systems. The fixtures are small, yet powerful, as the all-new and proprietary micro-optics engine is designed around the latest LED technology—a Titanium Dioxide Chip Scale Package LED. Featuring a custom narrow 15-degree TIR native beam and a +/- 30 degree bidirectional tilt, Luminii’s micro-optics engine is the foundation for both the STENOS Downlight and the highly configurable STENOS track systems. With this state-of-the-art engine, light sources push more light forward in a compact package delivering superior uniform light output, color consistency, high CRI (93+), high R9, and a range of CCTs, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. The system is field cuttable and features a variety of joiner styles that are easy to install. Lighting design and architecture professionals can effortlessly switch modules between circuits with the track’s two-circuit design to reposition and re-aim modules at any time.

Judges’ Comments: “The reduction in size of illumination from a ceiling height significantly reduces the need in specific applications for track systems with typical visual luminaires emanating from the power supply.”

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